Alley Vacation Public Hearing


Attend the Public Hearing 

Tuesday, February 28
7 PM – 10 PM

Olympia City Hall
601 4th Ave E
Olympia, WA 98501

Send a Letter of Support to the City

If you are not able to attend the public hearing but still want to support the alley vacation and petition for the waiver, please send a message stating your support to:

Lad Cluff
[email protected]
Reference: #16-6519 on subject line

Please come support the West Central Park and the WCPNC, LLC in our efforts to create a safe pedestrian lane that runs through the Park block. The City has been petitioned to vacate the public alley that borders the Park. The City staff has recommended that compensation in the amount of $18,800 be exchanged for the vacation. However, our organizations are seeking a waiver of that compensation since the lane will be converted to a safe bike and pedestrian lane that borders a public community park and will be open to the public at all times. All utilities and Park events will have easement rights, and all that will be lost is the random cut through traffic that has traditionally made the site unsafe for pedestrians. Come to the hearing and make your voice heard if you support this effort to create a safe, pedestrian zone in West Oly!

Here is the text of the petition to vacate the northern section of alley running through the Park block.

Right of Vacation, WCP et al; Attachment B

The West Central Park, The Parkside Cafe LLC, The Orchard House LLC, and the Marie B&B LLC, are requesting that the City vacate the north portion of the north-south alley, parallel to Division Street in Block 37 of Woodruff’s Addition. The applicants own 100% of all property abutting the alley to be vacated, that portion of the north-south alley beginning at Harrison and ending at the southern boundary of the West Central Park. The applicants will dedicate easements to the City, the public and the Park for emergency, utility, pedestrian, bike and event access. 

There are no properties abutting this section of the alley that have driveway access connected to the alley and vehicle access to residences abutting the south half of the alley will be preserved. The alley vacation will be providing and maintaining a safe pedestrian and bike access that will connect to services and transit nodes. The proposed vacation is consistent with the goals of the Olympia Comprehensive Plan and Development Standards by providing a safe, pedestrian friendly avenue through a key Westside community. The unique character of the West Central Park and the surrounding development offer an opportunity for neighbors to walk, bike, shop and gather. By restricting random vehicular traffic in the alley the applicants seek to increase the safety and walkability of the neighborhood and reduce harm to the environment. The alley vacation will also serve to decrease traffic feeding into the congested Harrison/Division intersection.

The applicants request that the Council grant a waiver of compensation for the alley vacation since they are not retaining the right-of-way solely for private use. The petitioners will grant easements for emergency, utility, public pedestrian and bike access as well as easements for community events at the West Central Park. The singular purpose of the vacation request is to eliminate random vehicle traffic, and thereby provide a safe bike and pedestrian lane for public use.

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