Saturday October 15th

Below is the weekly list of vendors and performers you can expect to see at the Saturday Market for this date! For more details on each specific vendor, please see our main page at

Market Vendors

Sgt. Hart’s Barbecue Sauce
Kirsten’s Treasures
Maisy Moon Farm
Little Pots of Love
Rainbow Garden Botanicals
Owly’s Peddlercart
Upper Left Soap Co
Vinnie’s Art
Temple Massage
Moonhill Mystery School

Food Truck


Musical Guest

Tela Rose

In 1988, Tela Rose left her home town of Salt Lake City, Utah to attend the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where she now resides.

While at Evergreen she delved into her love for music and poetry, receiving credits touring with the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band & Phish. Gathering everything she could learn from these musicians she shifted to the lyric poetry of Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter & John Barlow, studying their sociological significance while shedding light on their mythological and archetypal themes.

After graduation, she enlisted the support of a local guitar instructor to help her refine her skills. Under his mentorship, for the next 20 years she learned many traditional forms of American music: jazz, blues, country, pop, as well as classical guitar. As she honed in on her craft, she embarked on her teaching career with the invaluable instruction from her teacher. Teaching is her bread and butter and allows her to keep her hand in the game on a daily basis, for what has become a career lasting over 20 years.

Professionally she has played open mics, bars, clubs and private events as a soloist and accompanying other great local musicians.

Over these last 30 years, Tela has played in numerous local rock n roll jam bands, most notably Artesian Underground, with whom she crafted many of her original songs, and with Morning Glory, where she continued refining her skills as an accompanist and arranger.

She is currently teaching from her studio in downtown Olympia. For more information call or text (360) 481-2912