Parking at the WCPNC

One of our goals is to work collaboratively as a block to create a green, walkable space that is focused on sustainable practices while serving the surrounding community. For this reason we have chosen not to provide an extensive amount of parking spaces in order to support this unified vision.

We do have a shared parking lot for all our businesses located behind Phoebe’s Pastry Café on Division, which you can enter via 4th avenue. Public roadside parking is available as well along Cushing Street. We also provide an additional ADA accessible space directly next to the Park Side Café building. We also have plans to add more parking in the near future at 135 Cushing Street.

However, we strongly encourage our guests to explore alternative means of transportation as much as possible and help support us in our sustainability efforts. The Center is located directly on the 41 and 48 bus lines and we provide a covered bicycle lock area next to the bus stop. Our employees also stand in support by using alternative transportation as much as possible to get to and from work!